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Luna Clara house was built for an agronomist, his wife and son, on the outskirts of La Ceja municipality, in the mountains in Antioquia. The heart of the house, what orders and articulates the spaces of the residence, is not built, the heart is the native forest, planted thought 25 years by its owner, along with a lake and a stone that marks the access to the edification; That is why the house is built on one floor, so that it goes unnoticed in this natural environment, because in this case, as in many others, architecture should not be imposed.

The spaces are organized from the introduction of the natural environment to the interior, a large room allows the crossed visuals of the house from the forest to the horizon with the municipality of the eyebrow as a backdrop. The rooms occupy the eastern wing of the house next to the studio and shelter the forest of the main facade and the lake, which offer the views of its inhabitants.

Being nature the most important thing in this environment, the search for visuals and the direct relationship with this was the starting point to make a house in one level that does not compete with the natural environment and that at some point we hope the trees end up cover it.

STATUS: Built 2012

LOCATION: La Ceja, (AN), Colombia


CLIENT: Privado

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis 

CONSTRUCTOR: Rodrigo Arroyave