The Complementary Geographies project seeks to reconstruct the relationship of the inhabitants of the Aburrá Valley with two of its seven tutelary hills (Nutibara and Asomadera).


The project starts from the recognition of both hills, discovering their particularities and possibilities through the assessment of their relief, hydrography, flora and fauna, and the appreciation of the cultural expressions that take place in each of them as primary components.


STATUS: Competition project 2013

LOCATION: Medellín, (AN), Colombia

PUBLIC S. AREA: 890.000 M2

CLIENT: Municipio de Medellín

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Connatural (LAP) + Colecto Urbano

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: First Place Public Competition sector"La Asomadera", Third Place Public Competition sector "Medellín City Center"

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