Located in the foothills of the eastern hills of Bogotá the University Civic Center, proposes from its name to move the central axis of the discussion from the built (the buildings) and take it to the void, the collective, and to how it is defined and characterized.

Thus, the project is constructed and defined through the vacuum formed by a set of collective spaces of different scales, either covered or outdoors, and which allow the articulation of the different programmatic components.

The sum of these spaces: terraces, patios, corridors and balconies, generates a representative civic space of great importance for the campus, a spatial system that promotes contact with the landscape, spaces that enhance the encounter with others, in other words, the generation of knowledge outside the classroom.

The void as a public agora, is carried intensely into the different buildings that make up the whole, defining them in large part. The interior circulations cease to be only circulations and become spaces that expand in multiple points forming terraces and niches, spaces that open to the distant landscape of the city and the hills.

STATUS: Competition Project 2016

LOCATION: Bogotá D.C., (BG) Colombia

BUILT AREA: 6.000 M2

CLIENT: Universidad de los Ándes

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Connatural (LAP)


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