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The project presents itself as a strong action that frames the environment, a reorganisation action based on spatial optimisation and conceptualisation. A project of multiple landscapes, where geography is made by means of the topographic plan, which in its pockets relocates commercial support. The landscape is drawn from floors textures and vegetation, and is redrawn with a constantly changing nature flowering.

The Plaza was existing, the buildings and the viewpoint were also, there was only one innocuous gap between them and a road that occupied everything. Thus, the top was a parking lot with a narrow road, whose roundabout was a group of small buildings called Pueblito Paisa (Paisa town). 

This single fact was already a reason for a project, adding as well the radical purpose of privileging the balance between ecological function and the environmental productivity.  It was therefore necessary to establish an effective spatial relationships through the recovery, improvement, maintenance and generation of public space, focusing on the proper relationship between it and the natural elements.

STATUS: Built 2006

LOCATION: Medellín, (AN), Colombia


CLIENT: Alcaldia de Medellín.

DESIGN: Taller Síntesis + Arq. Sergio Valentín Pérez