In the year of 2009 the Mayor's Office of Medellin, Colombia, opened the national public tender for the design of the "Women's Clinic", a project which was intended to open a space for the attention of health problems that they exclusively concern women and family, focusing primarily on with lower economic incomes communities.


Our project raised two central ideas that would govern the design:

1. The hospital project designed not only as a functional space, but primarily as a meeting point for the community, a space in which women are understood as integrators of society.


2. A project that moves away from formal clichés, especially those that can be given from the feminine theme. Instead we believed in a building that discreetly integrated into the system of buildings for health and consolidated in the sector, while drawing some basic guidelines for buildings to be built in a neighborhood of the city of Medellin in full process of renovation, thus creating a meeting place that could be quickly integrated into the environment where it is located, avoiding the condition of architectural icon far from the inhabitant, and in which its development will be operated with the least amount of possible elements, looking at all times clarity and comfort both in its interior spaces and in the public space offered to the city.

STATUS: Built 2017

LOCATION: Medellín, (AN), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 6.630 M2

PUBLIC S. AREA: 3.148 M2

CLIENT: Municipio de Medellín.

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Arq. Johan Quintero

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: First Place Public Competition

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