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The project is an horizon line whose planes superposition dissipates its compactness and dilutes it in its own landscape, an area that calls and establishes links with its near and distant environment. The geometry of the project is formed on a grid by means of a horizontal volumetry that converges to the frontal axiality, between light and shadow, full and empty, in order to find the basis of spatial enrichment sequentially. Its proportion and horizontal scale reinforce a rhythmic image within the game of positives and negatives. Its modular development is only broken by the access elements, whose proportion increases its programmatic conformation.

The apprehension of the industrial tectonics evoked by the city is sought; exposed metals, glass, stone tectonics, that speak of the site, whose structuring constitutes an institutional character and establishes solidity and permanente criteria, while reducing maintenance costs. At the interior level, the wood is added, appropriately setting the functional areas.

STATUS: Competition project 2008

LOCATION: Barrancabermeja, (SA), Colombia

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Sergio Valentín Perez + Mauricio González

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public Competition