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The school is related to the outside through the patio and configures in this way a vertical axis that links the earth and the sky. By constituting the playground our school leaves an empty space, a break within itself. A space of separation necessary for your own contemplation, for your own internal balance. This reserve of space allows mediation with the site, but at the same time, the relationship with the architecture itself. The patio then, becomes the device to give meaning to the place, and to the architecture.


It is necessary to set limits to an unlimited territory to make it apprehensible. This qualifies the environment in an area that is barely under construction, giving order to the site when placing the project so bluntly; the strict limits of the school provide the outer space, initially amorphous, of a precise materiality, perfectly recognizable and measurable.

STATUS: Competition project 2010

LOCATION: Villavicencio, (ME), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 6.176 M2


CLIENT: Fondo financiero de proyectos de desarrollo - FONADE

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Matiz Arquitectura