The project is interested in the horizon. Is interested in becoming a support line for a distant landscape ... in turning into a facade. We expect that the visual relationship generated by the building becomes the building itself; to be able to talk about background and figure within the reflection between matter and landscape. That, the same landscape that surrounds the building and of which It become part so as not to be a block on him.


We achieve an urban space that becomes a building while covering a public space, so we achieve two simultaneous levels of activity. In the same way we work the flexibility of the plan, both at the functional level and at the material level; tracing a floor that supports accesses, grandstands, courts and public space, in a line; then framed with what will be another urban space, a balcony.

STATUS: Competition project 2012

LOCATION: Girardota, (AN), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 3.862 M2


CLIENT: Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Matiz Arquitectura

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public Competition 2012.

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