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The project is a piece that articulates the present needs of the university with the future development model of the city.

We avoid to occupy the whole site and opt for consolidating a square which articulates the existing extension building, crosses under the building and becomes part of it, thus creating a stage which allows the right to say everything publicly as a tool for knowledge a space for equal dialog.

Value existing elements to raise awareness of the local identity, by adding value to materials and elements found through the campus.  We plan to recover natural surroundings as gathering places and allowing therefore a natural knowledge.


The project should be a link between knowledge and people, and should integrate completely with the city trough this Urban Operations:

Consolidate a new city model.

Expand university to the city.

Open University campus development.



STATUS: Design 2018

LOCATION: Medellín, Colombia

AREA: 45.000

CLIENT: Corporación Interuniversitaria de Servicios

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Sebastian Monsalve

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: First Place public competition 2017