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2017 UdeA Health Complex
Antioquia University Health complex public competition
2017 Community Classroom
Rural community classrooms in socially needed areas
2017 El Tunal Sports Facility
El Tunal Sports Facility public competition
2017 Tercer Milenio Met. Park
Tercer Milenio Metropolitan Park Public Competition
2017 La Danta House improvement
Master plan and social housing improvement
2017 School in Buenaventura
School in Buenaventura
2016 Rural Classrooms in Caqueta
Rural community classrooms in Solano Caquetá
2016 Los Ándes U. Civic Center
Los Andes University Civic Center competition
2016 Valencia Velázquez House
Private Design for a young family
2016 Uniandinos HQ
Uniandinos HQ public competition
2016 Social Housing in Salgar
Social Housing design, Reconstruction after a Mudslide
2016 Social Housing in Salgar
Social Housing design, Reconstruction after a Mudslide
2015 SDIS HQ
Social Integration Secretary HQ Public Competition
2015 National Memory Museum
National Memory Museum Public Competition
2015 El Brasil Rural School
El Brasil Rural School
2014 Kindergarten Prototypes
Bogotá´s Education Secretary Kindergarten prototypes Public Competition
2014 Guggenheim Helsinki
Guggenheim Helsinki Public Competition
2014 Tropicary Bogotá
Tropicary in Bogotá´s Botanical Garden
2014 Memory House in Pueblo Bello
Memory House for Violence Victims in Pueblo Bello, Antioquia
2014 Colon Theather Competition
Bogotá´s Colon Theater Expansion Public Competition
2014 Medellín Civic Center
Medellín Civic Center, "La Asomadera" zone
2013 Educational Park
Educational Facility in a violence suffering zone
2013 La Hoja Square
Social Housing in Bogotá
2012 Pamplona Central Park
Pamplona´s Central Park Renovation
2012 Luna Clara House
Private Design house
2012 Villa del Rosario Public Space
Villa del Rosario Historical Center Renovation
2012 Nutibara Hotel
Nutibara Hotel Rooms Renovation
2012 Sports Facility in Girardota
Sports Facility in Girardota Public Competition
2012 Arts and Crafts Center
Old Railway Workshop Renovation, Arts and Craft Center Public Competition
2011 London Pavilion
Artfund London Pavilion
2010 National Soccer Team House
National Soccer Team House in Bogotá
2010 Green Pavilion Plaza Mayor
Green Pavilion Plaza Mayor Expo Center Public Competition
2010 Cartagena Seafront Renovation
Cartagena Seafront Renovation Public Competition
2010 Invemar
Marine Investigation Institute HQ Public Competition
2010 Solar Park O2
Solar Park Public Competition
2010 School in Villavicencio
School in Villavicencio Public Competition
2009 Womens and Family Clinic
Womens and Family Clinic in Medellin Public Competition
2008 School Barrancabermeja
School in Barrancabermeja Public Competition
2006 Nutibara Hill
Public Space Renovation Nutibara Hill in Medellin Public Competition
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