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The project of El Brazil school, designed for the Fundación Fraternidad, rests on the top of one of the undulations of the local landscape, thus having a broad domain of the territory in which it is located. The intention of the building is to highlight the dominant landscape through the disposition of its insertion and the recognition of the topographic aspects of which it relies to generate its architecture.


The building is made up of two volumes that seek to mark their horizontality to blend in with the surroundings, which are articulated by a central patio that opens completely to the mountainous horizon of the place.

All the classrooms and their support areas are located in the volume at the top of the plot, becoming the most private area of ​​the project, while in the volume of smaller area the kitchen and the social dining room are totally open and related to the place, suitable for the meetings of the inhabitants of the village of El Brasil because of its open classroom condition. The entire project is dominated by the road to generate that recognition of the landscape, from the ascent that allows access to the building to the circulation within the building itself. 

STATUS: Built 2015

LOCATION: San Carlos, (AN), Colombia

BUILT AREA:  361,37 M2

CLIENT: Fundación Berta Martínez de Jaramillo

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis