The proposal arises from the need to understand the public space as an encounter place, a space that allows the multiplicity of uses without losing sight the human scale and the possibility of more intimate places.

one square two spaces: The hard, the emptiness, the civic square which allows mass meetings of citizens to hapen, a place that responds to the tensions of public buildings that line the plaza.  The forest, an intimate space under a vegetation cover, a place of permanence that looks into the plaza and the activities that take place there, a space that at the moment of events such as concerts or religious ceremonies becomes an open gallery.

STATUS: Competition project 2012

LOCATION: Pamplona, (NS), Colombia

PUBLIC S. AREA: 15.000 M2

CLIENT: Ministerio de Cultura Nacional 

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Matiz Arquitectura

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public Competition

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