Our proposal spatializes the complexity of our conflict, for this it is necessary to eliminate the idea of ​​a large compartmentalized individual room, replacing it with a series of small concatenated rooms, and subtly divide from each other through the overhead light that penetrates the building and by slender metal columns, in a strategy that allows the visitor to be immersed in a space in which the stories intersect, a space in which it is impossible to understand an isolated event aseptically one of another, and in which the travel can`t be conceived in any way as a separate fact from history and that is always given in the same way, so we generate multiple paths and narratives that are woven and crisscrossed.


A large square, metropolitan, receives the visitor of the project, who when starting the journey to the museum gradually goes from this large scale to another more intimate character constituted by a series of small squares, and in which unexpectedly bursts large vacuum of 600m2 and 9 meters deep in a physical manifestation of the absence, of what is no longer


In this journey the city is left behind, a sensation that is sharpened when starting the descent towards the main level of the building, from this point it will always be underground and the only physical reference to the territory will be the overhead light that penetrates the rooms, and the sky that is visible only in the open room that is created by the void. From this point, the absence, will begin an upward journey that will finally lead us to the reunion with the landscape and the territory.

STATUS: Competition project 2015

LOCATION: Bogotá D.C., (BG), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 17.951 M2 

CLIENT: Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Arq. Lina Flórez

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public competition

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