A nomadic pavilion articulated to create diverse museographic situations simply by making variations in the geometry of its plan disposition.  An object that travels not only needs to be packable and transportable, it also needs to be highly adaptable to any possible situation, location or kind of exhibition.
The pavilion permits complete adaptation: from linear organizations to precisely confined spaces delimited only by its walls.
It can be also a line that divides and contains, or a group of walls that surrounds both the viewers and the pieces. It can be a complete “outside” to be surrounded
or an “inside” to get into, in any of this opposite situations its walls can contain the material to be exposed inside itself.


STATUS: Competition project 2011

LOCATION: Woking, (SU), Reino Unido

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Arquitectos Sebastian Monsalve +

Juliana Mesa + Jaime Carmona

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