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The green pavilion is projected in two clean volumes, arranged on a platform which rise from the floor generating a horizontal crack. The platform is structured as a pedestrian surface generating access, an open outdoor space and an urban hall that forms the antechamber of the pavilion, and in turn, absorbs support services and technical blocks.


The approach contemplates a multiple space, whose main quality is its adaptability, highlighting its flexibility and functionality. The fixed point is located as articulating element of the two volumes, which allows maximum operation to the system and connectivity to the interior, with absolute independence.

The urban-architectural spatial system consists of 4 strata: the outer space that is formed by a wide square that is integrated into the river corridor; the anteroom space formed by the access volume; the space of events and exhibitions, which is arranged as the core of the system; and the event terrace, which is an extension of the access platform. Given the symbolic meaning, the fairground is set up as a receiver of plant coverings, not only on the outside but inside, making part of the spatialization and its character. The project separates the volumes from the existing set and assumes an integration strategy from its support platform. 

STATUS: Competition project 2010

LOCATION: Medellín, (AN), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 15.471 M2


CLIENT: Municipio de Medellín

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Matiz Arquitectura