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We propose the public as a link between the garden and the city: The uses of a public vocation have been detected so that these, serve as a bridge between the city and the gardens. 


A system of patios of different sizes allows to compose a system of spatial gradation in which progressively passes from the most intimate to the most public and vice versa. The basic programmatic unit is not the classroom isolated and closed in itself, but the union of two classrooms with a patio that articulates them.

The garden in the garden: The game is in the garden, which has been extended, now it is sky, grass, flower, ball and window. Architecture is the surface of connection with nature, the window refers to the first light.


STATUS: Competition project 2015

LOCATION: Bogotá DC, (BG), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 800 - 1.250 - 2.500 M2

CLIENT: Secretaria Distrital de Integración Social Bogotá

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Connatural (LAP) + Arq. Carlos David González

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public Competition