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The social and community space Remanso de Paz of Pueblo Bello consists essentially of two areas, the first is the "house of memory", a single volume of concrete and the highest point of the project, the second is the "house of the future" , which is made up of two classrooms and their support areas.

The "House of memory" is the most symbolic point of the project, in this space homage is done to different situations suffered by the inhabitants of Pueblo Bello town, the first gesture that defines this building is the diagonal wall that crosses it denoting its access, this represents the initial events in the decade of the 90 that mark the beginning of the hard moments suffered in Pueblo Bello.


After entering the visitor will have to walk through a metal floor that elevates 1 m in height, walking on this surface pays homage to the years without land, without floor, and at nights when the residents of the village had to sleep in the trees for fear of doing it in their homes. At the end of the afternoon a red light entering through a skylight will bathe the interior space of the memory house as a reminder of the houses and people who were victims of the fire. It is required to pass through the "house of memory" to reach the house of the future, there is no present without the past.

STATUS: Built 2014

LOCATION: Pueblo Bello, (AN), Colombia

AREA: 352 M2

CLIENT: Gobernación de Antioquia (VIVA)

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Artista Juan Caicedo + Arq. Angélica Gavíria


MENTION XXV Bienal Colombiana de Arquitectura. 2016.

​​MENTION XIV Lápiz de Acero. 2016.