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The project for the new headquarters of the SDIS has sought from its urban approach the consolidation of the urban system of our cities, wehave chosen to develop the building with a tower and platform system, in which the delayed tower allows to diminish the immediate impact on the environment, while the platform maintains the city always at the scale of the man, and reinforces the presence of the facing line of the block on which the building is constructed. The platform constitute a large courtyard, a public square directly linked to the platforms, binomial (platforms-plaza) that makes up the basic public system of any city.


The project for the headquarters of the Secretary of Social Integration (SDIS) understands the public building as the place of all, the common house that is capable of housing the city and in which citizens, regardless of their origins, conditions and other, can be found freely. Thus the design effort is put precisely in the creation, multiplication and articulation of a series of collective spaces of different scales that cross the entire building. 

STATUS: Competition project 2016

LOCATION: Bogotá DC, (BG), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 17.937 M2

CLIENT: Secretaría Distrital de integración social 

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Lina Flórez

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public competition