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The project for the new headquarters of Uniandinos starts from the sheer scale of the sector, the main volume of the new building takes respectful distance from the preexisting houses and the lower buildings around, camouflaging part of its mass among the two towers of adjacent and pre-existing homes, while a platform, which takes its height and rhythm from the neoclassical house, maintains the relationship of the building with the pedestrian scale, and visually conceals the large scale of the volume.

Two main strategies direct the design of the new headquarters of Uniandinos, the activation of heritage and the search for a vacuum: In the first strategy, the fundamental action is to integrate the old house into the new building, making the heritage a living theme and not an isolated event and alien to the activities and life that the program's diversity proposes. 


The second strategy seeks to compensate the massive program through the search for a vacuum: The Jumbo Room. This space articulates and integrates the different uses that the new headquarters of Uniandinos will house. A great void eight levels high, capable of serving as a hall of events, exhibitions or as a covered plaza for the daily enjoyment of the users of the building.


The release of the first floor in which the entrance hall and the Jumbo room make up a large multifunctional space that also allows the building to open its doors and extend its functions at certain times taking and vitalizing the streets surrounding the headquarters of Uniandinos , allowing urban integration between the whole and the city. 

STATUS: Anteproyecto 2016

LOCATION: Bogotá DC, Colombia

AREA: 15.000

CLIENT: Asociación Egresados Universidad de los Andes

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Lina Flórez