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The objective of the project is a linear park where you can learn about nature and how it generates 100% renewable energy. A path in which, different from the traditional solar parks where space is sacrificed to look for energy, the visitor can interact effectively with the energy generating systems thus creating "habitable energetic spaces".


A place where the boundaries we create with nature are radically connected to the different ways of producing clean energy. A park that seeks, adapting and reinforcing the inherent conditions within itself, creating a route that increases the boundaries between the inhabitants and their environment, while at the same time creating an energetic place self-sufficient 


STATUS: Competition project 2010

LOCATION: Calabria, Italia

DESIGNERS: Farhid Alexander Maya Ramírez, Sebastián Monsalve Gómez, Luis Arsecio Tobón Sánchez

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Selected project "Concurso Solar Park South"