The main strategy was to identify the most representative problems in the zone, respond to each of them and convert them into design guidelines. Thus, a series of variables have been projected that jointly respond to the patrimonial, sociocultural, economic, environmental and functional needs of the sector.


The first of the guidelines was defined by the configuration of the block and its relationship with the sector (patios, corner with chamfer or ochave, checkerboard, heights, granulated (vain), textures, materiality),after understanding these variables we projected a "base trim" that retakes and reinterprets each of these values through the concept of the stereotomic, an architecture where the construction continuity is complete and massive, perforated walls making reference to the existing granulometry (facade composition).

STATUS: Competition project 2014

LOCATION: Bogotá DC, (BG), Colombia

BUILT AREA: 15.000 M2

CLIENT: Ministerio de Cultura

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Colectivo 720 + Daniel Pelaez

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