The Tropicario de Bogotá, is a delimitation exercise.  The task is to contain a portion of nature in its primary state inside a man-made space. As a building it does not pretend to disguise its factual condition of being built by man, on the contrary by means of modulation, repetition and precision it exalts its condition as a human fact, which allows it to contrast with the natural. Thus both the artificial and the natural components make clear their principles and characteristics, entering into tension, which favors that finally one becomes an integral part of the other.

The circulation system is generated through two routes, a fast one, which allows the visitor to tour the rooms in the shortest way without stopping in the spaces. The second route extends the first, allowing to know each room in detail. These circulations cross at different heights the different geographies proposed in each space, and in each room the footbridges in some sections touch the ground while in others they pass high allowing nature to be observed from a rare aerial view in the natural environment.

STATUS: Competition project 2014

LOCATION: Bogotá DC, Colombia

BUILT AREA: 2.500 M2 

CLIENT: Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Connatural (LAP) + Arq. Esteban Gómez

+ Arq. Esteban Zapata

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Second Place Public Competition

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