In the year of 2014 one of the worst tragedies in the history of the Antioquia took place, more than 90 people lost their lives and hundreds were left homeless when the La Liboriana river overflowed in the town of Salgar.  The government of Colombia, leading a public-private alliance, undertook the task of advancing the construction of three housing projects to solve the human and social crisis affecting the municipality.

Two urban projects were designed: Havana and La Florida, of apartments of 51 m2, which are arranged in towers that go from the two to the four floors to take care of the urban profile of the municipality. In addition, a rural housing project was designed, La Pradera, a group of small houses which takes elements from the traditional house of the place and that can be expanded by placing them in lots of 260 m2.

STATUS: Built 2017

LOCATION: Salgar, Antioquia

BUILT AREA: 3.005 M2

PUBLIC S. AREA: 11.927 M2

CLIENT: Ministerio de Vivienda, Gobernación de Antioquia, Fundación Fraternidad, Fundación Berta Martínez

DESIGNERS: Taller Síntesis + Arq. Ana Élvira Vélez

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